French Patisserie Lesson / Mangue Coco

お友達から今日のランチのお誘いをいただいた時、たまたまフランス菓子レッスンを既に昨日入れていたので、作ったケーキをお持ちすることを決めていました。ということで、昨日レッスンで教えていただきながら作った Mangue Coco (マンゴーとココナッツのムースケーキ)を今朝飾り付けてお持ちしました。先生がマンゴーを丸く型でカットして飾り付けておられたのですが、丁度良い型がなく別の飾りにしますとお伝えしていましたが、アマゾンで丁度良い大きさのパイピング用の口金セットを見つけてオーダーしたのが昨日届いたのでいくつか違う大きさにカットして使ってみました。同じ大きさの方が良かったかな?(先生が、このデコレーションでもいいと見せてくださったのは、大変そうだった。。。)

When our friends invited us for lunch today, I had already booked yestserday’s Baking Class, so I told them we’ll bring a dessert and we took the Mango & Coconut Mousse Cake that I made yesterday after decorating it this morning.  I didn’t have the right size circle cutter that the teacher recommended so I was thinking of decorating it differently, but I found a set of piping nozzles on Amazon, ordered it and it arrived yesterday – so I used 3 different sizes of them to cut different sized circles of mango.  I think it looks nicer with one size but it was too late!  (The teacher showed me another way of decorating it but it looked hard work…)


They got out a very nice cake stand when it came time to serve it, saying because the cake is special.






I didn’t do a good job of making the Italian Meringue yesterday.  I was moving the pan of water and sugar and trying to measure the temperature too often worrying about making it higher than necessary and the sugar syrup started to crystalise – so I didn’t have enough syrup and as a result there wasn’t enough meringue – so under the teacher’s instruction I added extra whipped cream.  I was a little worried about it but I couldn’t tell from eating it, it was very tasty, I’m glad to say.  The dacquoise base looks flatter in the middle, not even, though.

お友達ご夫婦にもとても喜んでいただけました。準備に2時間くらいかかって作るのに2時間半かかるとアピールしたので(また作ってと言われても作れないので 笑)、喜ばないわけには行かない、とも言えますが(笑)。

I’m happy to say that our friends enjoyed it very much.  Well, I told them it took me 2 hours to prep and 2 and a half hours to make (I had to let them know because I won’t be able to make it again if they asked me!), so they kind of have to show they appreciate my hard work!


Anyway, I am happy that it was very tasty!


I must say I wish I could make such a cake on my own without feeling that it’s such a big job.


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