Ramen & Gyoza In Brighton

今日は Alfriston からの帰りに途中のブライトンでランチをしっかり食べて夕食は軽いものにしよう、と言っていたのですが、夫が遅い朝食をしっかり食べてしまいお腹が空いていないとのことで、ラーメン屋さんに入りました。わたしは坦々麺、夫は餃子をオーダー。坦々麺は、全然坦々麺ではなかったです。豚ミンチが入っている以外、坦々麺の要素は見つからずでしたが、普通のとんこつラーメンと思えば美味しくいただけました。餃子も揚げ餃子でしたが、まずまずでした。スタッフは中国人だったので、まぁ、日式、ですね。でも、いつかのエジンバラのラーメンに比べれば美味しかったです。

We were planning to have a big lunch so we didn’t have to cook dinner tonight and we stopped at Brighton on our way home from Alfriston for lunch.  However, my husband said he wasn’t hungry because he’d had a late and big breakfast so we went into a Ramen shop.  I ordered Dan Dan Noodles and my husband ordered Gyoza.  The Dan Dan Noodles wasn’t proper Dan Dan Noodles, only mince pork was a Dan Dan Noodle element but I couldn’t taste anything like Dan Dan Noodles.  Still it was quite good as a normal Ramen.  Gyoza wasn’t bad either although they were deep fried.  The staff were Chinese so I suppose it’s not really Japanese food, but something trying to be.  It was much nicer than the Ramen we had in Edinburgh, though.






My husband didn’t have appetite even in the evening, so he doesn’t seem to be feeling well.  He doesn’t drink water much no matter how often I tell him to, so I think he was a bit it dehydrated without realising as it was very hot for the last few days.  Hopoefully he’ll be OK tomorrow.


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