Chicken Forrestier (M&S)


It rained quite a lot this morning and our gardens look relieved.  Although we have irrigation systems intalled and also my husband waters some plants with the hosepipe the plants look much happier after some good rain.  In the evening, our gardener, who hadn’t been to us for about 2 months since he came down with Covid, came and cut back the wisteria, planted some thyme (my husband and I had tried this a few days ago but the soil was just rock hard and we couldn’t make the holes) and did some weeding for us.  I did some weeding myself yesterday evening but I saw quite a lot this afternoon so I’m glad he did a bit more.

今日の夕食は、マークス&スペンサーズの「Chicken Forrestier」(チキンのベーコンとマッシュルーム入りクリームソース)とやはりマークス&スペンサーズのマッシュポテト、そして冷蔵庫にあった人参といんげんの塩茹ででした。以前も1度買ったことがあり、その時にも書きましたがこの1品だけだと10ポンド(1600円くらい)なのですが、指定されているものの中からメイン、サイド、デザート(それぞれ2人分ずつ)1品ずつ選んで3品で12ポンド(2000円くらい)というお得なセットになっているもの。煮詰まってソースが少し塩辛いので、次回使う時は少しミルクを足そうと思います。デザートまでは辿り着けなかったので、デザートは別の日に。

Today’s dinner was “Chicken Forrestier” from M&S with mashed potatoes (again from M&S) and some carrots and green beans from the fridge.  I wrote about it before when we first tried it but it’s 10 pounds on its own but they have offers that if you choose one main, one side dish, and one dessert from the items they specify, it’s 12 pounds for all 3 items.  The sauce became a little too salty because it got reduced too much in the oven, so we should add some milk next time.  We were too full to have the dessert so we’ll have it another day.




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