Sausage Casserole


As it’s getting colder, we feel like having some stews and casseroles.  Today’s dinner was Italian Sausage & Vegetable Casserole, maybe I should call it Pot-au-feu.  When I ordered the fresh porcini, I also ordered Italian sausages with fennel and this Pot-au-feu’s main ingredient was the Italian sausage.  Vegetables we used today were celery, carrot, potato, baby leek, petit tomato and also some green lentils.  I’ve written a rough recipe before.  If you cook sausages in soup they’ll lose flavour so it’s better not to cook too long.  I think English sausages don’t work here, they are nicer in a tomatoey casserole rather than this type of dish.  Italian and German sausages would work here.  It was very easy to cook and very tasty.  There are some vegetables and soup left so we’ll probably make it into a soup in the next few days.




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