Thai Lunch In Winchester


We just got back from our one night trip to Cheltenham.  When we moved to England, I was thinking that we’ll be able to go on trips at the last minute because my husband wasn’t working any more and there are many places to go to that are not far from us.  However, with Covid things changed and we hadn’t been able to go away for a long time but now we finally can.  Not that it’s likely we’ll do this sort of thing often because we aren’t really the type to decide to go away without planning in advance.


This trip was partly to go and see the Christmas tree in the river in Bourton-On-The-Water.  We often talk about the Christmas tree we saw in the river there when we travelled together in England for the first time – more than 30 years ago.  We thought about it again when we were briefly in Bourton in October and about how we hadn’t gone back to see if they still put the Christmas tree in middle of the river.  I just remembered it the other day and thought we should go since there was nothing on yesterday and today.

我が家から3時間ちょっとなので、途中ここから1時間程度のところにある Winchester という街の「Bangkok Bistro」とタイレストランでランチをしました。この旅行を決めた時は、その前から一度行ってみたいと思っていた Winchester のクリスマスマーケットに寄って出店で何か買ってランチ代わりにしようと思っていたのですが、最近周りではコロナやインフルエンザに罹る人がすごく多くて、Winchester のクリスマスマーケットに行った人からすごく混んでいた人の波に乗って歩くしかなかったと聞いたので(その方は日曜日に行ったので平日ならそうでもないかもとは思いましたが)、人混みでコロナやインフルをもらいたくないのでやめておくことにしたのでした。実際にはそこまでは混んでいませんでしたが、そこそこ混んではいたのでやめておいた方が良さそうでした。

It takes about 3 hours from home so we had lunch at a Thai restaurant “Bangkok Bistro” in Winchester, which is about an hour from home.  When we decided to go on this trip, we were thinking of going to buy a few snacks at the Christmas Market in Winchester as I’ve been wanting to be at this Christmas Market for a while, but someone who’d been there told me it was so busy that she could hardly move and she just had to go with the crowd.  She went on a Sunday so we thought it probably would be as bad on a weekday (and it wasn’t as bad when we saw it yesterday, but still busy enough) but we thought it would be better to keep away from crowds at this time.  So many people around me are coming down with Covid or a flu or a bad cold, so we think it’s better not to be in a crowd of people.


Spring rolls.


Isan spicy sausage.


Chicken satay.



Stir-fried chicken with basil (the far right near my husband).



Overall it was OK, chicken satay was the best.   It was £45 including a bottle of sparkling water.

We did just visit the edge of the Christmas Market before going on to Bourton on the Water.



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