Christmas Treats


I forgot to take a photo but we had quite a big meal of left-over turkey etc at lunch time although I had everything else other than turkey as I find turkey next day becomes very gamy, my husband loves it.  So we didn’t feel very hungry and we felt we couldn’t be bothered to cook dinner since we cooked dinner for tomorrow – so we just had some toasts and cake.


Japanese also get some special sweets or savoury things to eat before New Year but we tend to get a lot of special things for Christmas.  As it’s just two of us, it takes a long time to eat all this, usually it takes us about six months or more.


The far left one on the bottom is Panettone. I don’t like the most usual dried fruits version, this one is Marron Glace, we’ve bought it at the deli in Arundel before but they didn’t have them this year so I ordered some from Italy.  On top of that there are a few nut brittles etc.   The long white box is chocolates from Pierre Marcolini, the other 2 white boxes are also from them, one has financiers and the other macarons, I ordered them together from Paris.  The red box is Pandoro, which we bought at the deli in Arundel, it’s very simple but very nice.  There is a box of fruit cake, a box of chocolates, a box of Maron Glace, Pistachio Turkish delight and a jar of mince meat from Fortnum & Mason.  The black with red box is the huge Christmas pudding from Marks & Spencer’s.





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