Lunch At The Duchess of Cornwall

今更ですが、12月27日、デボンのGidleigh Park Hotelから戻ってくる途中、「Duchess of Cornwall」というパブでランチをしました。ドーセットのPoundburyという1993年から実験的にチャールズ王が深く関わって造られている街。今回行ったときはクリスマスのデコレーションが素敵で、ツリーもとても立派でした。クリスマスの後、大晦日までは結構外食する人が多いのか、この日も随分混んでいました。

I know it’s a bit late to blog, but I’d forgotten to cover the lunch we had at “The Duchess of Cornwall” in Poundbury on our way home from Gidleigh Park on the 27th December.  As it was still the time that places had Christmas decorations up, it looked very nice inside with the decorations with 2 large trees.  It seems many people go out for meals after Christmas until New Years, and it was very busy this day.




My husband had, I think, Beef Pie.


I had Moroccan Chicken flat bread – but the chicken was just plainly cooked chicken.



As this place is at the point where it’s good to have a lunch break when we go to or come back from Devon, we’d been here a few times.  I do love the interior but sadly I don’t love their food.


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