Tenerife Day 6 / Lunch & Dinner


I forgot to write it but we are already in February.  Already a month gone this year.


Tenerife Day 6, it was the last full day in Tenerife yesterday.  Like the previous five days, we did nothing other than reading a book and relaxing by the pool.  For lunch, we had hot dogs again as those we had on the day before were very good.  However, yesterday, the bacon bits were not crispy and chips were very soggy, not as good as the day before.


For dinner we booked the French Bistro, which only Red Level people can use, but earlier times were fully booked and our booking was 9:00pm.  We thought we would get very hungry to wait until 9:00pm, so we had some drinks and nibbles that you can have at the same restaurant between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.  I had guacamole & Salami but they also had fruits, cakes and some other seafood.  We used this complimentary nibbles and drinks on our first evening but didn’t return until yesterday because we found it sort of spoiled our appetite for dinner.



Many tables are set for 2 and both chairs are set so both of you face the sea.  It’s pitch dark by the dinner time now but I guess you can enjoy the view in the summer.


We shared a starter “Crispy Raclette Cheese with nuts”.  It was Raclette cheese wrapped with Filo pastry and baked a little, but it was just sort of warm, the cheese was just lumps rather than melting and the filo pastry was only half baked, not so crispy and not browned.  Maybe it would have been nice if the cheese was melting and the filo pastry nice and crispy.


For the main, we ordered chateaubriand (for two), it was sliced in front of us.


It came with side dishes of chips and vegetables.  Vegetables were OK and chips were quite good.


However, I wasn’t able to eat much of the steak.  We asked for it to be cooked medium but it was too rare for me, the texture was quite chewy and raw, no taste of beef…. chateaubriand in Japan melts in your mouth…


For dessert we shared  a Tarte Tatin.  The pastry was very soggy but it did taste good so we were able to enjoy it.




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