French Patisserie Lesson (Charlotte au Chocolat & Scones aux Noisettes et a l’Orange)

今日は、2月のズームによるフランス菓子教室(Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru)のレッスンでした。今月はバレンタインデーのある月なので、どちらもチョコレート菓子。わたしはどちらかというとチョコレート系のケーキは選ばないのですが、夫は大好きで、このところチョコレート系がなかったので毎回、「今度はチョコレートケーキ?」と聞かれていたのです(笑)。

  • チョコレートのシャルロット
  • ヘーゼルナッツとオレンジのスコーン

I took French Baking Class of  Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru  today, as it’s aValentine Day month, both things we learned today used chocolate.  I don’t usually choose chocolate cakes but my husband loves them.  We hadn’t baked chocolate cakes for a little while and my husband asks if it is going to be a chocolate cake every month, so he should be happy.

  • Charlotte au Chocoate (Chocolate Charlotte)
  • Scones aux Noisettes et a l’Orange (Hazelnut & Orange Scones)



I cut the biscuit for Chocolate Charlotte a little too much so sadly there is a gap between the beginning and the end.  I’m really bad at this sort of thing… Some bits of orange are hidden in the chocolate bavarois and cinnamon is also used.  We had it with our friends after dinner.  It wasn’t too heavy and was very nice.




It looks like the amount of egg & milk wasn’t quite enough (I guess with the heating the flour was very dry) and it was very hard to handle the dough.  I should have added a little water or milk.  It is quite fun to learn different dough for scones because the kinds of flour and sugar makes quite a big difference to the texture.  This scone has hazelnuts, candied orange (and also candied lemon because I could only find a mixture here) & chocolate chips.  They are crunchy outside, fragrant with orange and lemon peels and crunchy with nuts, a little different from usual scones and very nice.




The preparation for the lesson this month was relatively quick and easy and the lesson itself was also relatively short (2 hours).  There have been one or two lessons that were 3 and a half hours before, so it wasn’t too tiring but I still struggled with putting the scone dough together, cutting the biscuits to the right length, and cutting the round biscuit to the right size.  Well, I guess I always struggle with something or other.  Still, I am relieved that I didn’t make a huge mistake and ruin everything because we had them with our friends.  We went out for dinner together, then came back home with them to have my cakes as dessert.  I would have been in big trouble if I’d made a major mistake.



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