Dinner With Friends / The Pig in the South Downs

前の記事にも書きましたが、今日は仲良しのお友達ご夫婦と食事に出かけました。2ヶ月ぶりくらいかな、と思います。行ったのは、「The Pig」という人気のレストランで結構予約が取りにくいのですが、今日はまだ週末にかからないので数週間前に取れました。

As I mentioned in my previous post, we went out for dinner with our good friends, I think it’s been about 2 months since our last get-together.  We went to “The Pig”, which is very popular and it’a hard to get a booking but we booked a table a few weeks ago.  It’s harder to get a booking on weekends.


They use vintage crockeries, you get a random pattern, they don’t match anything.  I think cutleries are also vintage.



For the starter, I had a Chicory & Blue Cheese Salad.  I think they way they present (on a small plate) is also a “vintage” style.  I forgot to take a photo but my husband had Roasted Beets.



Then for my main I had “Crispy Gnocchi with caramelised onion sauce and pumpkin pickles”.  The gnocchi were not really crispy but they tasted very good.



My husband had Venison, which he said was very good.





We talked about Christmas, holidays, things we used to do in Hong Kong (we talked a lot about our time in Hong Kong, where we met our friends), how my husband and I met etc.  We chatted more after we came back to our house to have the cake I baked today for the dessert.  We had a wonderful evening.


The Pig
Arundel BN18 0NL


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