Mapo Harusame (Spicy Vermicelli)


Today’s dinner was Mapo Harusame (spicy vermicelli). I didn’t make it from scratch, my sister put a couple of packs of it in one of the parcels she sends to us from Japan. It’s one of those things where you just cook vermicelli in hot water, then add the sauce (which has some vegetables).  I used to make one or two more dishes to go with this because that’s the way we usually have Chinese dishes like this but the portion of this pack is quite large and we end up leaving a lot so we had only this today.


I added some vegetables though – carrot, pepper, leek, plus some of the garlic chives that we grow in one of the garden planters.  When I wanted to use the garlic chives they were too tough so I gave up and cut them back, and they grew back softer so they are what I used today.  It was just about the right portion.


Looking at the weather forecast, it doesn’t look good for the next week or longer, all cloud or rain marks.  I heard that it was going to get very cold and we may even have some snow – but I don’t see any snow mark.  Still the temperature will go below zero again and it’ll be cold.  I wish we had a sunny day more often now that it’s near spring.  It looks quite cold in Japan, too, but they have so many sun marks!



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