Devon Trip Day 1 / Lunch At Duchess of Cornwall

今日から4泊でデボンに来ています。主な目的は、昔留学したときにお世話になったホストファミリーのお母さんの具合が良くないので会いに来ました。今朝は10時過ぎに家を出て、途中、ドーチェスターの Poundbury という街にある「Duchess of Cornwall」というパブでランチをしました。ここはデボンに行く途中のちょうど真ん中くらいにあって都合が良いので何度か行っています、店内の雰囲気はとても素敵。

We are in Devon for 4 days from today for a short break. The major reason why we came here now is to see my “English Mum”, who was the host mother when we stayed in Exeter to learn English all those years ago. We left home a little after 10:00am and had lunch at “Duchess of Cornwall” in Poundbury in Dorchester. It’s in the middle between us and Devon so a convenient for a lunch break so we’ve been to this pub a few times, the interior is quite nice.


My husband had Steak Pie, he said it wasn’t bad.


I had BLT, it wasn’t great…

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