Devon Trip Day 1 / Lyme Regis

ランチの後、エクセターに向かいましたが、途中でドーセットの海辺の街、Lyme Regis に寄りました。今日は朝から雨でパラパラしたりザーザー降ったりで、この時も少し雨がぱらついていてそれほど景色を楽しむことはできませんでしたが、海辺の街らしい急な坂道の雰囲気のあるところでした。またお天気が良い時にゆっくり訪れたいです。

After lunch, we continued to drive towards Exeter, but we also had a quick stop at Lyme Regis in Dorset on the way. It was raining from this morning, sometimes stronger and sometimes softer. When we were in Lyme Regis it was spitting so we couldn’t really enjoy the scenery, but it was a lovely town with steep streets. I would like to go there again when the weather is better.


This photo is in Devon, unfortunately it doen’t show how beautiful it is because the weather is so bad. There was quite a large area of thick fog this morning when we were driving.

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