Devon Trip Day 1 / Dinner At The Three Crowns In Chagford

Lyme Regis からは真っ直ぐエクセターに向かい、予定通りに3時ごろに「イギリスのお母さん」のお家に到着し、2時間くらい色々なお話をして、じゃあ、また金曜日に来るね、とお別れしました。

From Lyme Regis we drove straight to Exeter, where my “English Mum” (the host mother of the host family I lived with many years ago) lives. We arrived at her house around 3:00 as we planned and stayed with her chatting about this and that for a couple of hours and left her telling her that we would visit her again on Friday.


We then drove to the cottage we are renting until Friday morning, it took about 40 minutes. There was a road closed on the way, which gave us a little trouble but we managed to get to the cottage before it got dark. The cottage is lovely and comfortable, very nicely done. The only thing is that it’s a bit cold. The owners of the cottage, who live around the corner, welcomed us and told us that our cottage was nice and warm as they’d put the heating on, much warmer than their house, but it feels cold to us. It has been slightly warmer recently than the very cold time we had, but it still feels cold. We realise how warm our own house is whenever we stay somewhere else. I haven’t taken any photos from the outside yet so I’ll do so tomorrow and blog more about the cottage.


So, we used the fireplace tonight.

夕食は、チャグフォードという近くの小さな街の Three Crowns というパブに行きました。月曜日が定休日のパブが多いみたいで何件かクローズしているパブを見かけました。

We went to a pub for dinner, “The Three Crowns” in Chagford, which isn’t far from the cottage. It looks like many pubs are closed on Mondays, but this one was open.


We shared a salad of endive, fennel, pear and cherry in wine syrup to start with. Then my husband had a beef burger and I had a cajun chicken burger. The chicken was huge so I removed about 3/4 and used 1/4 of it to make a thinner burger that I could eat more easily. Sadly, it was over-cooked and unseasoned. Such a shame because it had some sort of tomato-ey sauce with a little curry flavour, was very nice and the bun was also good. It would have been brilliant if they put on some salt and pepper before cooking and deep-fried a few minutes shorter.

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