Pork Casserole with Chorizo & Butterbeans

今日の夕食は、ポークの肩肉の煮込みでした。玉ねぎ、にんにく、チョリソー、フレッシュチリ、白ワイン、バタービーンズ、缶トマトが入っています。セロリや人参も入れたい気持ちになりましたが、そうするとよく作る煮込みになってしまうのでぐっとこらえて、今日は色々入れずにレシピ通りに作ってみました。ちょっとピリッとするチョリソ風味のトマト煮込み、という感じでおいしくいただきました。今日はガーリックブレッドといただきましたが、水分が結構さらっとしているのでご飯と食べたい感じでした。レシピは、BBC Food のレシピです。

Today’s dinner was Pork Casserole with onion, garlic, chorizo, fresh chilli, white wine, butter beans and tin tomatoes.  I felt like adding celery and carrots but I thought that’ll make it to our ‘usual casserole’ so decided not to and just follow the recipe.  It was slow cooked pork in a little spicy and chorizo flavoured tomato sauce.  As the sauce is not very thick it would have been good with rice although we had it with garlic bread today.  The recipe is from BBC Food.






We are going to Devon for 4 nights from tomorrow, we decided to go there only about a week ago.  When I came to England to learn English 30-odd years ago, I stayed in Exeter at an English family (a host family), and the mother of the family hasn’t been well for the last few years and specially the last one month or two so we are going to see her.  The weather has been quite bad recently so we wanted to wait until it improves a little but looking at the forecast it doesn’t look like it will for quite a while and we don’t want to put it off too long.  If the weather isn’t bad, we will probably have a day trip or two out as well.


When we go to Devon we usually stay at the hotel we love but it seems a waste to stay at an expensive hotel when the weather isn’t good, so we are renting a cottage this time.  It has wi-fi but I don’t know how fast, it’s in a countryside so it may not be very fast.  If possible I’ll blog from Devon.



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