Lunch With Friends At Carluccio’s In Chichester


I had lunch with my next door neighbour friend and the lady who used to live next to her (she moved away about a half year ago).  We went to “Carluccio’s” in Chichester.


We all had their lunch set menu.  I chose Bruschetta of tomatoes for a starter and then Veganesca (Vegan version of Puttanesca).  I almost always have this Veganesca here and I was lucky it was one of the 4 (?) choices for the main on the set menu.  Unfortunately, the tomatoes on Bruschetta had no seasoning, no taste, not much olive oil – not nice – but Veganesca was as good as always.


One friend had 2 coffee, we shared 2 small bottles of sparkling water and I had tea after the meal and it was 23 pounds per person, which is very good value, because one friend had been there recently and the receipt said she gets 20% off the bill if she goes back within 2 weeks.   (it sounds very expensive in Japanese yen because eating out is much less expensive there, but 23 pounds is inexpensive here.)



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