Garden Update


It was a lovely sunny day today, and it still looks very bright outside in early evening.   We didn’t go out anywhere as we expect it’s very busy everywhere but we now walk in our gardens every day as it’s fun to see something new each time.  The temperature is still quite low, though.  I wrote that the weather forecast showed no rain mark in the next couple of weeks only a few days ago but as you might expect it changed for the worse and now I can see quite a few rain marks.


Although I’ve been taking lots of photos in our gardens, I haven’t done a ‘garden update’ for a while so here we are.




Our cherry tree blossoms earlier than usual ones, I took these photos about 10 days or so ago.  The blossoms have started falling down now.





Quite a lot of tulips are out now.  The tulips you see in our back garden are those my husband planted before the garden renovation.  Our garden designer told us we should plant tulips bulbs only in pots, not on the ground, so they were not supposed have been left but for there are some left here and there.





We put 2 pots right outside the living room walls, where they hardly get the sun.  I wasn’t sure if they will grow without much sun but we had quite a lot of tulip bulbs left after planting them in large round pots, so we planted them in these, so far they seem to be growing OK.


Quite a lot of tulips are seen in pots now, too.  I also like the mixture of different daffodils.






Anemones look like they are doing well now.  Except one, all the other pink ones were newly planted in autumn last year.  I think I bought 10 but maybe about 5 came out?  I read that it’s better to plant them in pots rather than in the ground.







Climbing hydrangea wasn’t doing very well since it was planted last year but after the winter it is now looking quite good with lots of small buds.


The leaves you see next to the pot are alliums.  There are more at the opposite side of the patio and also in other places, they looked beautiful in May and June last year so we are looking forward to seeing them again this year.


Some of them already have small buds.


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