Lunch At Garden Centre


It’s another beautiful day unlike usual English weather and it’s warm enough to go out without a jacket because it’s not breezy.  It feels so good when the weather is like this because it’s quite dry here this time of year.  Good weather does make you feel happier, specially when it looks like it’ll be sunny for the next 2 weeks on the weather forecast.  I know we cannot rely on the weather forecast but we can always hope it won’t change for the worse.


We need to re-plant all the pots for the summer so we went to a large garden centre, which takes us nearly 30 minutes.  We see families with small children on weekends but during the week like today it’s almost all elderly people.  I do realise we are also ‘elderly’ people but funnily enough we feel we are the only younger ones, ha ha.  I’m sure they all feel the same.


We also had lunch at their cafe.  I saw a very famous youtuber saying how much she loves the pizza here and I was so looking forward to trying one when we first went there, but it was a huge disappointment.  Since then I’ve had a few different ‘disappointments’ but I liked what I had last time so I had it again – Mediterranean Vegetable Panini.  The bread is quite nice and the filling is also tasty.  Even the chips, which are often soggy or under-done in many places here, are very nice although the panini is quite filling so I only have a few chips.  I think my husband had Tomato & Mozzarella panini but it looked exactly the same as mine so no photo.







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