Lupin Field


I’d forgotten to write it but yesterday was a bank holiday here.  There have been 3 long weekends this month because of the King’s Coronation.


We went to visit a lupin field this afternoon.  When we first went there 3 years ago, I wrote about the place, but National Trust plant seeds every spring and it was full of lupins, very impressive on that visit.  However, when we went there 2 years ago, there weren’t as many (we didn’t know if we were too early or too late), then last year we were too late and they were mostly over.  Today, we were too early, there were many buds on low positions so they must be coming up very soon.  We’d like to go back but we will be in London from next Tuesday for a few days so we probably have to wait until the week after – I hope it won’t be too late.


My husband loves lupins so we planted some in our garden when it was renovated a couple of years ago, but they didn’t settle.  I think we planted 9 or 10 of them in total but only 1 has survived.  I’ve read that they are easy to grow but not in our garden.  My brother-in-law said theirs were eaten by slugs, ours wasn’t eaten by anything, their leaves went brown and dried out one by one.  As these flower so beautifully without any care in the field, maybe it’s the soil.  Our soil is very clay-ey so many plants don’t like it.







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