French Patisserrie Lesson (Nougat Glace)


The other thing I made at the Zoom French Baking Class was Nougat Glace, which has whipped cream and whipped egg white, similar to Semifreddo in Italy.  It also has a lot of caramelised almond, rum raisin, orange peel & pistachio and is topped with honey and caramelised almonds.  My husband loved it and told me he wants it every day, it was really yummy.  I didn’t have the right size tin so used a larger tin and made double the quantity – so we  can have it for a few days!


I did fail in making the caramelised almonds – something which never happened before.  After making caramel and then the roasted almonds, I mixed them together, then as I was pouring them into a tin it started to crystallise.  Oh dear…  that shouldn’t have happened.  I didn’t stir it at all to make the caramel and didn’t mix the almonds with the caramel for a long time, so maybe the pan was too hot.  Anyway, I didn’t find any problem with the Nougat Glace, it was  delicious.


I also didn’t do a very good job with presenting it.  It broke as I sliced it but also why did I put the end slice in front of me to take the photo???  Oh, well, as I say, it was still delicious1


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