New Salvia Nemorosa


In some places it was very hot today again but it wasn’t too hot where we are because the highest temperature was 24C. very nice temperature in the shade specially with some gentle breeze.  However, without a cloud in the sky. when you are under the sun, it feels like your skin will burn in a few seconds.


We waited until it felt slightly cooler in early evening to plant the salvia nemorosa (in 2 Litre pots) that were delivered yesterday.  I cannot remember exactly how many but I think we originally had perhaps about 8 plants of them when we had the garden done, but 2 or 3 were eaten by slugs and 3 or 4 died during the winter.  One plant gets quite large so we ordered 3 new plants and they arrived yesterday.  The were bigger than I expected, they even have some buds already.


The 3 short ones are the ones we just planted and the taller one behind them is one that survived the last winter.  I took this photo from above so the new ones look very little but they are at least as tall as 40cm.




These are the ones planted last spring, they are right in front of the bamboos and maybe that’s why, 2 or 3 of them that were planted behind these were eaten by slugs by the time I noticed.  These have been doing well (there is one small and short one behind these).  It hasn’t been very long since they started flowering so they don’t look much yet but when they are in full bloom they look beautiful with a dark purple colour.





I hope the new ones will grow large and survive the winter.

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