Magnolia Blooms!


We were having tea on the patio just now and my husband said, “Do you think those are magnolia flowers?”, and I looked at the tree and they did look like white flowers.  So I went to have a closer look and, yes, there are 2 very large flowers on the tree!  What?







It must’ve been the first year after we moved into this house, I do remember feeling a little disappointed when I saw magnolia flowers with very thin petals because I prefer the plump type.   Since that first year, we hadn’t see any flowers on this tree.  I cannot be 100% sure that it didn’t have any flowers, but I would have thought I would have noticed them when I did weeding if I saw any white petals on the ground.  Also how come these are huge flowers rather than the ones we saw in the first year with very thin petals??  I’m so confused.


I think the reason why it didn’t flower in the last 2 years and flowering now is because we did the mulching in autumn last year.  Our garden designer keeps telling us to do mulching over and over and I now realise how important mulching is from the big differences it made this year.  The soil is much better this year comparing to the last few years.  It cost us a lot and was a hard work to get it all done, but I now feel it was well worth it.



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