Nougat Glace


This is the 2nd day for us to have the “Nougat Glace” that I made at the baking class.  I was able to cut it better than yesterday.   Also I made another batch of caramelised almond for the topping because I ate what was left yesterday.  At the class I made double the quantity of the recipe but today I just made the same amount as the recipe and they worked properly without any problem at all.  Maybe when I used more almonds I had to mix them longer and that caused the crystallisation?   It was of course delicious, and there is enough for 2 more portions each.


The dahlia is from our front garden.  The flowers in our gardens seem to have lots of insects like ants and black flies, I hate insects so much that cutting the flowers from our garden is something I hate to do.  I put the whole flowers in a sinkful of water hoping I can get rid of them but some of them somehow survived.




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