Sushi At Home (Temaki-Sushi)


Today’s dinner was Temaki-sushi (wrap-yourself type of sushi).  Since we got married, I guess we’ve had it maybe about 3 or 4 times, we very seldom have this.  I do like sushi with cucumber, umeboshi, shiso, avocado (I just remembered that I’d forgotten to use avocado today), but I don’t eat fish (cooked or raw) so sushi isn’t something I really want to have at home and my husband never requests it.  However, just the other day, I thought it would be fun once in a while so ordered tuna (I didn’t know which one my husband would like so just ordered chu-toro, which is medium fatty tuna).  My husband said it was very good.


Other than chu-toro (tuna) we prepared shiso, cucumber, pickled radish, left-over beef steak, umeboshi (pickles plum), sesame seeds, and natto.  My husband had  just one slice of his tuna as a sushi and had the rest as sashimi, he prefers sashimi to sushi because he isn’t such a big fan of rice in general.  We had it with Japanese sake on ice.






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