Girls’ Night Out With Friends (Dinner At a Pub)


The weather wasn’t great today, it was quite cool and I needed to wear thick tights.  It rained now and again, which was probably good for the gardens.


I had dinner with a couple of friends (our next door neighbour and the lady who was living next to her until about a year ago) in a pub today, the first time I’m out for dinner without my husband since we moved to England, I think.


One of them had Pork Belly, which she said was very good.  The other friend had Lamb, which apparently was over cooked.



I had Wagyu Beef Burger, which I thought the safest because I thought chicken would probably be tough and dry and pork can be very gamey.  The onion ring and chips were good but the burger wasn’t, it was over cooked, hard and also gamey.  I used ketchup to cover up the gaminess and managed to eat only about 1/4.  It seems I’d forgotten to take a photo but I had Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert and it was very good.



My husband was having dinner in a different pub alone, he had Lasagne and said it was quite good.


He also had Creme Brûlée for dessert.



The first girls’ night for me in England – We chatted a lot taking our time and had a lovely evening.



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