Peach, Mozzarella & Parma Ham Salad And Puttanesca


Today’s dinner was Peach, Mozzarella, Parma Ham Salad followed by Pasta Puttanesca.  Like I wrote recently, we buy flat peaches, which are getting nicer now and the ones we used today were very sweet and juicy.  They go well with mozzarella and also Parma Ham.  In Japan peach with mozzarella has been very popular in the recent years.  As I’m not a big fan of mozzarella cheese (I find it too milky) I also added Parma Ham, which goes with both peaches and mozzarella.


After peeling the peaches, we squeeze some lemon juice over so they don’t get brown.  After plating mozzarella, peaches and Parma Ham we squeeze a little more lemon juice all over, put a little salt and plenty of pepper, a little olive oil.  We then scatter some mint.  I thought it looked like it was lacking something so added some rocket leaves here and there.  It was very refreshing and tasty.

プッタネスカは、“Two’s Company : The best of cooking for couples, friends and roommates” という本の中の”One=pan puttanesca” ですが、ワン・パンではなく普通にソースとパスタは別々に作って合わせました。ソースの中にパスタを入れて煮るのはトライしてみたことがありますが、パスタのスターチが加わってねっとりしてしまうので好みではなかったので。ソースに入っているのは、レーズン、ケッパー、玉ねぎ、ベーコン(少量)、トマトペースト、ドライの俺がの、チリフレーク(唐辛子)、缶トマト、オリーブ(黒はなかったのでグリーンの詰め物をしたもの)、松の実、パルメザンチーズ、パセリ、塩、胡椒、砂糖。レシピにはあったアンチョビは、入れていません。美味しく出来ました。

After that, we had pasta – Puttanesca from “Two‘s Company : The best of cooking for couples, friends and roommates”.  Although you are supposed to cook the pasta in the sauce, I don’t like that method because it makes the whole dish very starchy so we just cooked them separately and mixed them together after the pasta was cooked.  In the sauce, there are raisins, capers, onion, bacon (just a little), tomato paste, dried oregano, chilli flakes, tin tomato, olives (we didn’t have black ones so green ones with stuffing), pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, parsley, salt, pepper & sugar.  In the recipe there was also some anchovies but we didn’t use them.  It was very tasty.








It’s been very cool but it’s expected to get warmer tomorrow, expected to be around 25C.



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