It was raining more or less all day today.


Today’s dinner was Raclette.  I thought it was cool enough for Raclette, but it wasn’t, 20C is too warm for this.  The Raclette machine gets very hot, and we realised it really is a winter thing.  We were able to enjoy it with a fan on, though.


There were quite a lot of ripe donut peaches in the fridge so I made a peach & mint salad today, a little different from our usual but it does go with salami and cheese so it was fine.  We put some chopped onion, paprika or/and garlic powder on the raclette cheese slices before melting them in the machine.


I prefer Cheese Fondue but my husband says he prefers Raclette and the reason is because we can have Japanese sausages.  Every time when we have Raclette, he says ” Sausages are the best!”.  I think we can have them on their own or with something else easily.





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