Japan Holiday / To Hong Kong


I felt a bit tired yesterday and fell asleep early so I couldn’t blog yesterday.


We left home for the airport about 10 minutes before 12:00pm as the texi we booked came a little early, which was great. There was no traffic jam on the way so we arrived at Heathrow airport around 14:00, checked in and waited for our flight at the airport lounge. As it had been too early to have had lunch before we left home, we had lunch at the airport lounge. Since we flew on Cathay Airline this time they had Dan Dan noodles at the lounge.


Fortunately, both my husband and I were able to sleep relatively well on the 12 hour flight, and the luggage came out quickly at the Hong Kong end. We still have our Hong Kong Permanent Resident Cards from when we lived there, and we heard that you are able to use it for coming in through the e-gates. Although we haven’t been able to visit Hong Kong often enough to keep up the full status (you are supposed to come in at least once in every 3 years) they did work and we got straight in without any queue.


Our flight was slightly delayed to depart London and arrive in Hong Kong and by the time we came through and got our luggage it was around 1:30pm. If we waited for lunch until we checked in our hotel, it would have been very late so we had lunch at the airport – at Crystal Jade.


We ordered Crispy Pork & Vegetable Dumpling, Dan Dan Noodles, Pork & Vegetable Wontan in Spicy Chilli Oil and Steamed Pork Dumplings. The Dan Dan Noodleas and Steamed Pork Dumplings were so-so, but the pork in the other 2 dishes was so strongly gamy, I couldn’t eat them (although my husband said they were fine). I didn’t used to use Crystal Jade in Hong Kong much but I did use it now and again in Singapore, and thought they were better than that. It was very disappointing!

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