Japan Holiday / Yummy Parfait


After lunch, we walked from Motomachi to Sannomiya in Centre-gai, and decided to have a parfait in Morozoff because the lunch didn’t fill us up. We both had the one with caramel pudding on top. My husband used to have a parfait often as he always loved it. I was never a big fan of sweet things in those days and I found it too filling to have between meals, but this is my 2nd parfait since we arrived in Japan this time. It was delicious with so many different taste and texture. It had various fresh fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, strawberry compote, something crunchy like biscuits, and custard cream, I think.


It was 1,300 yen (£7) each. Lunch sets are surprisingly inexpensive in Japan but somehow this sort of thing seems expensive. Not that I mind, there are so many elements inside and I feel it’s worth it.


After we had the sweets, we walked back to Motomachi through the Centre-Gai, bought some sandwiches at Donq (a good bakery) for supper and walked back to the apartment. I walked 8,150 steps but my husband walked 12,200 steps because, while I was having my nails done, he walked around the Kitano-cho area where he lived when he first came to Japan.

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