Moroccan At Home


Yesterday’s dinner was Moroccan.  I made a couple of dishes that I learned at the cooking class we took in Marrakesh.




The recipes I received for Moroccan salads seem quite different from what I remember we cooked, I’m not sure if I remember wrongly…

I made one of the Moroccan salads we learned – Aubergine and Tomato Salad.  I added onion and red & yellow peppers.  I used fresh tomatoes and grated like we did at the class but the colour of the sauce was very pale even after reducing it for a long time and it didn’t taste very tomatoey – it’s to do with the tomatoes available here I guess – so I added some Passata and reduced it again. This made the salad much more tomato based than what I learned but it was OK.  (The little blob on the small white plate is left-over tomato jam I made the other day.)




For the main, I made meatball tagine – although I didn’t have the recipe as it was sent to my husband’s email address and I hadn’t got it yet.  I’ve been making meatball & egg tagine for many years my own way and what we learned at the class wasn’t very different except that they use fewer spices and the size of the meatballs are smaller.




I added a little cinnamon that wasn’t in the one we cooked in the class because I felt it was a little too plain when I made it and tasted.  It came out pretty good.  I have to confess, though, that I used instant couscous.





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