Chicken In A Bag

昨日の夜の夫ご飯は、Jamie Oliver Happy Days with the Naked Chef からChicken Breast Baked in a Bag with Cannellini Beans, Leeks, Cream and Majoram (チキンの胸肉の包み焼き、カネリーニビーンズ、リーク、クリーム、マジョラムと)。


Yesterday, my husband cooked “Chicken Breast Baked in a Bag with Cannellini Beans, Leeks, Cream and Majoram” from ” Jemie Oliver’s Happy Days with the Naked Chef“.  It didn’t have a lot of cream so very light.  The chicken breast was nice and tender. If you like it to be a little more creamy you need to add quite a lot more than the recipe.  My husband added some new potatoes (pre-cooked), which were lovely and sweet.




Jamie Oliver のレシピにはこのようにアルミホイルにチキンやお野菜などとワインを包んでオーブンで蒸し焼きにするレシピがたくさんありますが、手間いらずで便利なレシピだと思います。以前わたしもにんじんの蒸し焼きやチキンの蒸し焼きなど作っていましたが、そういえばしばらく作っていません。気にいるとしばらく作るのですが、そのうち忘れてしまうものも多いです。何か忘れない良い方法を考えなければ。

Jamie Oliver has many “baked in a bag” recipes, which are quick to prepare and hard to mess up.  I remember I used to cook carrots and some chicken breast often but haven’t done them for a while.  I tend to cook certain things often then somehow forget them once I introduce new ones.  I must find a way to remind them to me.




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