Ding Dong

今日のディナーは、Ann Siang Road の Ding Dongに行きました。夫とは2度目、わたしは1度お友達と行っています。今日はよく雨が降って、一度止んだもののまた出かけるころに酷くなりタクシーが捕まらなくて困りましたが、コンドのロビーに立ってタクシーを呼んでいたらタクシーが人を乗せて入ってきたので運良く乗れました。レストランに着くころにはポツポツ降る程度までおさまっていて助かりました。

It rained a lot today again – we’ve been having a lot of rain recently.  It stopped raining at one point but then started heavily again just when we were going out for dinner, so we had trouble getting a taxi.  Luckily, one came in dropping people off whilst we were busily trying to secure a booking via multiple phone apps, so we were able to get it.

We went to “Ding Dong” in Ann Siang Road.  This is my 3rd time to be there – twice with my husband (and his colleague and his wife) and once with my friends.  We ordered 4 from their “small plates” and 1 from the “big plates” and had 1 dessert to share.



Handmade Miso Tofu salad with Japanese dressing.  The dressing was nothing special but the tofu was very nice and the small shiso leaves were very fragrant.  We loved it.





We love their Vietnamese Scotch Eggs – it’s fragrant with Asian herbs, the texture is lovely and crispy and a little spicy.  I can eat 10 of them!




Iberico Pork Bao.  I find Iberico pork we get in Singapore a little too gamy for my liking, and this one was also a little gamy but just on the borderline that I can enjoy.  The bao itself is very nice, too.



Wagyu Beef Char Siew.  Very good.






We felt we needed a little more so we ordered another plate of Vietnamese Scotch Eggs.  Then a dessert – Chocolate & Kaya.  I don’t like Kaya but I didn’t detect it, maybe in the coconut meringue?  Anyway, we enjoyed this one, too – it’s not too rich.






I don’t think I’ve had anything I don’t like in this restaurant, which is rare.  I like their style of cooking – lots of Asian herbs, small portions, pretty presentation but nothing radical.

We had a large bottle of sparkling water, no coffee or tea and the bill was a little under S$150.  In Japan it would be about the same price but also including some glasses of wine if we went to a similar level of a restaurant/bar, so it is on the expensive side – but this is Singapore.  I would say that this is one of my favourite restaurants right now.


Ding Dong
23 Ann Siang Road,
Singapore 069703
Tel: 6557 0189
Operations Hours:
Mondays to Fridays, 12pm to 3pm & 6pm to 12am
Saturdays, 6pm to 12am
Closed on Sundays



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