Thai Dinner At Home


ちなみに、空芯菜の炒め物は、Hot Thai Kitchen のレシピ。この方の大ファンで、いつも参考にしています。このレシピはわたしにはTao Jiew の風味が少し強すぎるので(結構癖があるので)、少なめに使っています。

Today’s dinner was Thai – Stir-Fried Mince Pork with Basil and Str-Fried Morning Glory.  I used the same number of the same chilli pepper as usual but it seemed more spicy today, probably because we didn’t have anything spicy while we were away.  I made a mistake of smashing the chilli pepper for morning glory – I was supposed to just bruise them – so it was too spicy.  Tasted good, though.  For morning glory, I used the recipe from Hot Thai Kitchen, I’m a big fan of this lady.  (For me, the Tao Jiew has a little too strong flavour so I used smaller amount than the recipe for this one.)









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