Dinners At Home



I didn’t blog our dinners last week very often so here they are.

On Monday, I made gnocchi – with potato, flour & Ricotta cheese.  I made 2 simple sauces – one is very simple tomato sauce (it got a bit too thick) and the other is blue cheese sauce (a little too runny) with walnuts.





On Tuesday, it was Soup & Salad.  The soup is pumpkin  – using Japanese pumpkin, so it was very sweet.





The salad was made with what I found at home – tomato, cucumber, onion, red & yellow pepper, avocado, salami, tin chick pea, boiled egg, olive, salad leaves & pine nuts.



I cannot remember what we had on Wednesday – looks like I didn’t take any photo.  Thursday we had Gyoza – already blogged. then on Friday we had cheese fondue.








When I was in Japan this time, I would fall asleep early at night but woke up in an hour or an hour and a half and wasn’t able to go back to sleep most of the days.  That continued after coming back to Singapore for a while but it started to get a little better.

My husband went away on business for a few days today so I probably won’t be blogging any dinners – I just cannot be bothered to cook alone!



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