Peas & Mint Soup and Lentil, Beet & Apple Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.


スープは、Jamie Oliver のグリーンピースとミントのスープ。多少自己流にしていますが、基本はレシピ本から。青ネギをバターで炒めて冷凍のグリーンピースとミントを加えてチキン ストックとクリームで煮てブレンダーにかけます。今日は冷たくしました。レシピではパンチェッタですがここでは薄切りのパンチェッタが手に入りにくいの で、生ハムをカリッと焼いてアクセントにのせました。グリーンピースとパンチェッタや生ハム、ベーコンはよく合います。

Soup was Peas & Mint Soup -I change it a little but the basic recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s cookery book.  I sautee green onions with butter until soft, add frozen green peas, mint and chicken stock and simmer until the peas are soft – about 15 minutes – then put it in the blender.  Jamie Oliver crisps up slices of pancetta and uses this to decorate, but I just fry a slice of Parma Ham (slices of pancetta aren’t easy to get hold of here) and crumble it on top of the soup.  I love the combination of pea, mint & pancetta (Parma Ham) and my husband loved it, too.  We had it cold – although it wasn’t quite as cold as I wanted it to be.



The Salad was roasted beets, lentils, apples and goat cheese salad with roasted sliced almonds.  I used some pomegranate molasses and honey in the dressing.  I would have loved to use fig, peach or pear instead of apple but you cannot get sweet ripe ones here.  However, the apple wasn’t nice at all.  I find it frustrating here that we cannot get good quality vegetables and fruits (except tropical fruits).  This is why I end up having chicken and mango salad often because mangos here are reliable.






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