Spanish Pork


There have been so many dreadful scary incidents recently in the world.  We don’t have children but you wonder what the world is going to be like in 20, 30 years from now…  Reading news depresses me and scares me…

さて臨時のロングウィークエンド、今日が最終日。1日お休みになるだけで随分ゆっくり出来る気がします。昨日の夕食はいつもの週末のように、夫が作ってくれました。お得意料理の1つ、スペイン風ポークの煮込み。ポークはネック(日本なら肩肉に当たる部位だと思います)を使っています。玉ねぎ、赤パプリカ、ニンニク、オリーブ、缶トマトと一緒に柔らかく煮込まれています。わたしがご飯と食べたがるので、ご飯を添えてくれるようになりました。レシピはDelia Smithのレシピ本からで、Delia Smithのウェブサイトには生のトマトを使ってポテトを加えたレシピが載っています。美味しかったです☆

The last day of our special long weekend today.  Just an additional day seems to give us more extra time than one extra day somehow.

My husband cooked Delia Smith’s Spanish Pork Casserole.  This is her original recipe – it uses garlic, onion, pepper (it’s green pepper but we changed it many many years ago to red or yellow), olives and tinned tomatoes.  I cannot find the recipe in her website but she has a revised version recipe that uses fresh tomatoes and adds potato.  My husband serves it with some rice because I love this dish with rice.






We did the weekend shopping in Huber’s on Saturday so there wasn’t a lot of choices for cheese.  I cannot remember the name of the cheese of the round one but it’s a washed type with some truffle.  The other one is Cambozola.




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