Jamie’s Italian @Forum

昨日の夕食は、出かけることに。少し前に行って好印象だったフォーラムにある Jamie’s Italian に行って来ました。

Yesterday, we went out for dinner to Jamile’s Italian at Forum as we had a very good impression last time.


For a starter, we shared Burschetta with ricotta cheese and roasted tomatoes.  We would have preferred with less ricotta cheese and more tomatoes but it tasted good.  If the bread is more crispy it would be nicer.  Jamie Oliver must love ricotta cheese, I see it a lot on his menu.




For the main, both my husband and I had Steak & Fries (with Coleslaw).  The fried potatoes were very nice – not greasy at all.  Coleslaw was more like a salad with lime dressing – my husband didn’t like it very much but I didn’t mind it.  The problem is the steak.  As you can see it was paper thin (2mm?) and completely overcooked and very dry.  I had about a half or less as I found it very boring and not easy to chew – just so dry and unpleasant.  If it had some sauce I might’ve been able to eat a little more but no sauce.  Just tasteless other than the herb.  Very disappointing.

When the meat is sliced so so thin, it’s hard not to overcook.  It should be a little thicker, then you can “flash-grill” (as their menu says) and keep it more tender and juicy.



The pasta I had last time was much much nicer.


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