Japanese “Spaghetti Napolitan”


I usually have a piece of toast, cheese on toast or a sandwich for lunch if I’m alone at home, but I haven’t been out for lunch very often recently and sort of got tired of them.  So I made a pasta dish – it’s a Japanese style pasta and we call it “Sphagetti Napolitan”.  I guess it’s the first pasta dish Japanese made and is far from a real thing but most Japanese love it including myself.  Usually you use onion, Japanese green pepper and sausage or bacon and stir-fry the pasta with the vegetables after you cook pasta in boiling water, then pour some tomato ketchup.  (In the recent years some people use tomato sauce I think.)  Sounds horrible but you might be surprised it’s actually quite good.  I always put some Tabasco on as well.



Although we usually use Japanese green pepper, which is much smaller and thinner and strongly flavoured, I don’t buy them here.  We tend to use a lot of red and yellow peppers and there is always some in the fridge so that’s what I use instead.  There were still some left-over sausages from the other day when I made hot dogs so I used one of them as well.  Usually I make this for dinner alone when my husband is away and I don’t want to do shopping so seldom have sausage or bacon in the fridge.  I enjoy it just with vegetables but I must say adding sausage makes quite a big difference.



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