Steamboat With Friends

久しぶりにお目にかかる数人のお友達と、IONのImperial  Treasure Steamboat でランチをご一緒しました。なぜかこのメンバーではここ最近毎回火鍋。しかも、前回も今回もお豆腐とお野菜ばかりのオーダーで、お会計はお茶も入れて1人38ドル!もっと沢山具が入っているときにまた写真を撮るつもりだったのに、お喋りに忙しくて写真はすっかり忘れていました。美味しいし、スタッフもニコニコサーブしてくださるので気持ち良く食事も出来ますし、個室ではないですがそれっぽいところのお席だったので気兼ねなくお喋りできました。

I had lunch with a few friends at “Imperial Treasure Steamboat” today.  By some reason, the last few gatherings of this group have been at Steamboat restaurant.  The last time and this time we didn’t order any meat (other than dumplings), we had vegetables, tofu and dumplings only and the bill was S$38 per person including tea – seems like a bargain.  I was planning to take more photos but I forgot so this is the only photo of the lunch.  Their food seems very fresh, tasty and their staff smiley and friendly.  We had a lovely time together.



They are expected to stay in Singapore for quite a while unlike many Japanese expats (they are Japanese but not typical expats), which is wonderful.  It’s tough to keep loosing friends.  We don’t get together so often – maybe 3 or 4 times a year – but it always feels like we met just the other day when we get together.



Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#04-09/10 Ion Orchard

Tel: 6636 9339

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