Pasta with Bacon & Vegetables


Today’s dinner was a very easy pasta.  It has bacon, fresh chilli, onion, red & yellow pepper, mushroom, green beans, salad spinach, salt & pepper and balsamic vinegar.  The vegetables varies depending on what we have in the fridge.

ちなみに、みなさんはパスタは1人分どれくらいの量を使われるのでしょう?Jamie OliverやDelia Smithは1人分100g以上のことが多く、若い頃は食べていたかもしれませんが今のわたしたちには多すぎます。ソースの種類やパスタの種類にもよりますが、今日のパスタで80グラムが丁度良い感じです。

I wonder how much pasta most people eat at one meal.  In Jamie Oliver’s and Delia Smith’s recipes, they often use more than 100g of pasta per person – which is often much too much for us.  It does depend on the sauce and the kind of pasta but about 80g if it’s the type we had today is just about right for us these days.








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