Vegetable Curry


By some reason, I couldn’t come up with any good idea for dinner so I asked my husband if he had anything he wants me to cook and his answer was “Something healthy after my gym session.”  I think this was the first time he asked for “something healthy”.  I told him one thing I was thinking of curry but that’s not very healthy… but his reply was “Curry!”.  He says it’s healthy if it’s a vegetable curry.  Well….  I don’t think Japanese curry is actually all that healthy because of the roux…


Anyway, so, today’s dinner was a vegetable curry with onion, carrot, potato, Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) and green beans.  I use different combination of roux and spices every time (I don’t measure much) so it seems to taste different every time.  Occasionally I feel “Umm, it seems to be lacking something…” but it’s always tasty enough – I think you cannot make bad curry when you use Japanese curry roux.  My husband says “Best ever!” every time I cook curry and he did today, too.


A week or so ago, my husband told me he wasn’t going to have alcohol at home except for weekends until his half marathon, but today he did have beer (just 1 bottle between 2 of us).  It’s not as if he is running so seriously so it’s OK, I think.










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