Tamarind Hill Again


I had lunch with a Japanese lady I happened to talk with while I was waiting for a lift at our building some time ago.  Not many Japanese live in this condo so we exchanged contacts and made an arrangement to have lunch today.

タイ料理がお好きとのことでしたので、先日夜行った「Tamarind Hill」にご一一緒しました。ランチタイムは別メニューになっているはずですが、今日は夜のメニューを最初に渡されました。「チェンマイソーセージはないんですね」というとランチメニューを持って来てくれ、その中にあったのですが、シェフに確認したところ今日はチェンマイソーセージはないとのこと、残念でした(涙)。

As she told me she liked Thai, we went to Tamarind Hill.  They have a lunch time menu separate from their main menu and items on the lunch time menu are much less expensive than the main menu but come in smaller portions.


We ordered Mince Pork Salad, and Pomelo Salad from the lunch menu and Mince chicken with basil from the main menu.


Chicken with basil was OK but I like it much more spicy and strongly seasoned.  I did request them to make everything spicy so I was surprised it wasn’t actually very spicy when it came.



I didn’t like their pomelo salad.  I find pomelo salad tends to be quite different depending on the restaurant but this one wasn’t to my liking.  I like it more tangy.



Mince pork salad.  We had mince chicken salad the other day at dinner so tried pork this time but it didn’t have much herbs or chilli pepper and wasn’t very tangy either.  I also found the pork very gamy.  I can make much better one than this….



When I was there for dinner the other day, I did think it didn’t seem as good as before but this time I found it even worse.  When I was there for lunch about 2 years ago, I remember it was very good.  As far as I know the chef hasn’t changed, I don’t know why it’s not as good now.


Still, I had a very nice time talking with this new friend.  Her husband is American so I thought we may have some common subjects to talk about (although my husband is British, we are both married to non-Japanese) and I was looking forward to us getting to know each other, but they had just been told that they’d be moving to Japan in July.  Such a shame we didn’t meet earlier, but hopefully we can share some good time until then.

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