Taiwan Day 3 / Beef Noodle


Finally, this is the last post about my Taiwan trip.


On our last day, before we headed for the airport, we had beef noodles in a beef noodle restaurant near our hotel.  If someone asks me what food I think of first from Taiwan, I would probably say “beef noodle”.  We tried 3 different types of beef noodles and  boiled gyoza in spicy sauce.  We liked the gyoza but none of us liked the beef noodles.  I’ve had beef noodle once somewhere else – either at Hong Kong airport or Singapore airport – and didn’t enjoy it very much there either, so I guess it’s just not my thing.





Then, at the airport we found a tapioca tea shop so my sister bought tapioca milk tea and I bought green tea with tapioca and enjoyed it!





This is the end of my report on my short trip to Taiwan.  It was a very short but full trip, having tried lots of food and doing some sight seeing.  Tapioca tea isn’t food really so I will not include it here, but for me, the most delicious thing you must try was Taiwanese Meat Pie.  2nd would be Hot Pot.  I also enjoyed my experience at the place we had Stewed Pork Rice and Taiwanese Breakfast because they were very inexpensive and sort of things we don’t have in Japan.  I’m very happy that I was able to have a trip with my sister and brother without any big accident during the trip.


To be honest, Taiwan is not a place I would choose for a holiday.  I don’t like dirty places very much and the best holiday for me is to walk in streets full of beautiful old European buildings, sit at a lovely cafe watching people or walking in beautiful nature.  However, Taiwan is only a few hours flight from Japan, it’s relatively safe, people are mostly kind and we can try interesting foods, so I think it’s a nice place to go with families or good friends for a short time.  There are lots of lovely Chinese tea rooms, so if you like Chinese tea you’ll enjoy it even more.








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