Jamie’s Italian at Forum

昨日の夕食は夫が夕食を作ると言っていたのですが、マラソンで疲れていてやっぱり外に行こう、ということになり、フォーラムの「Jamie’s Italian」に行きました。

My husband was going to cook dinner yesterday but he didn’t feel like after his half marathon so we decided to go out to Jamie’s Italian. 

Super Food Salad(ケールやキヌア、ビーツなどのサラダ)とパルマハムとロケットのピッツァをオーダーしましたが、どちらも食べ始めるまで写真を撮るのを忘れていました。どちらも、まぁまぁ。

We ordered Super Food Salad (kale, quinoa, beets etc) and Pizza with Parma Ham and rocket.  I forgot to take photos before we started eating…  Both of them were OK (but not great).








Then we shared Ice cream (chocolate, honey comb and vanilla).  Not much nuts, not much sauce….  Why do they use such a small dish?  We had to eat it quickly before it starts melting outside the dish.




It’s not that the food is great so we wouldn’t choose to go here on a Friday dinner but it’s OK during the week or on Sunday when we don’t feel like cooking.




Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238884

Tel: 6655 7676


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