Taiwan Day 3 / Taiwanese Meat Pie


The 3rd day in Taiwan.  After we bought Bottarga then walked in Dihua Street, we asked our driver to take us to a little shop that sells Taiwanese Meat Pies.  Apparently there are many of these shops and street vendors selling them and they are all slightly different from each other.  This is the place which my sister had picked out, and it was in a very narrow back street, a little hard to find.  I read there can be a long queue but when we got there (around 11.00am I think) the line wasn’t long and we queued only for a few minutes.







On the bottom of these tube-shaped ovens, there are logs heating it up and they stick the pies on the sides of the oven to bake them.







I didn’t have any good photo, that shows inside…




Out of what we ate in Taiwan this time, this was the most memorable and delicious thing.  It was extremely hot when you bite as steam comes out from inside.  I was going to buy 1 each but my brother said it would be too much as we were going to lunch soon so we bought 2 for 3 of us and we wished we bought 1 each as it was really delicious.


They look like bread but the dough was more like layered pie (but not buttery) and very very crispy, almost crunchy.  I read somewhere that the filling can be lumps of pork or minced pork, what we had was quite large lumps stewed for a long time.  I hadn’t had breakfast this day and had been up since early morning so I was very hungry, which probably added to the taste but it was really delicious.  I even told my husband, who is in Taipei often on business, that he should try it.  If I have a chance to be there again, I will definitely buy them again.



店名: 福州元祖胡椒餅
住所: 台湾台北市萬華區和平西路三段89巷2弄5號
営業: 9:30~19:00

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