Dinner At Nanbantei


My husband is away on business since yesterday, so I was out for dinner as well – with a friend I hadn’t seen for quite a long time.  Glad she was available tonight.


We went to Nanbantei in Far East Plaza, somehow I often go there with this friend.  We had asparagus wrapped with pork belly, okra wrapped with pork belly, shishito (Japanese green peppers), petite tomato wrapped with pork belly, chicken with leek, pork belly with yuzu pepper, sweet corn, special mince balls, garlic rice (forgot to take a photo) and shiratama with red beans (sweets).  I was full again!










We had a jug of beer each and also tea at the end and it was a little more than S$50 per person, it seems so inexpensive.  This is one of my favourite places in Singapore because they are consistent with quality and price is so good.  Although this is a Yakitori restaurant, we don’t order many tori (chicken), we tend to order mostly vegetables and small amount of pork.


This friend will be busy for the next few weeks so it’ll be a little more while to be able to get together again, I’ll look forward to when she has more time.



14 Scotts Road #05-132,
Far East Plaza





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