Lunch at Toliuo (Yakitori & Tapas) in Kobe

夫との神戸。夫が神戸に到着した翌日の土曜日のランチは、前日ぶらぶら歩いていてたまたま見つけた「とりうお」(Toliuo) に入ってみました。以前、カウンターだけの小さな串焼きやタパスなどとワインをいただく「炭トリウオ はなれ」という日本に帰ると夫と楽しみに伺っていたお店があるのですが、少し前にクローズされてしまいがっかりしていたのでした。同じグループにいくつかお店があるのですがどこもほぼ同時期にクローズされたようでしたが、歩いていてたまたま、このお店をみつけたのでした。

On the day after my husband arrived in Kobe (Friday), we had lunch at “Toliuo” near Sannomiya.  We used to go to a bar called “Sumi Toliuo Hanare”, which was one of our favourite little bars whenever we could, but it closed a couple of years ago and I couldn’t find their new place.  There are a few bars/restaurants in the same group but it looked like they all closed around the same time.  We were happy to find this little place while we were walking browsing shops and just enjoying walking in Sannomiya.


They didn’t have many choices at lunch time but they were flexible enough to give me something without fish or seafood.


This plate of little bites was very nice, specially the fritter and pate.



This was my pasta, I think it was mushrooms and mince beef in tomato sauce.



My husband’s pasta, I think it was rape and mince beef cream sauce.





We didn’t think their pasta was so good but the starter plate was very nice.  This place becomes a bar at night but it didn’t seem to have an atmosphere of a bar.  I just searched for this group’s  restaurants/bars and found out they had re-opened in a few places in Kobe, we should try one next time when we have a chance.

トリウオ (Toliuo)
兵庫県神戸市中央区三宮町 3-6-6
Tel: 050-5590-0964(予約専用番号)

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