Handmade Card


This year, cherry blossom was delayed in Japan due to the cold spring weather but I think it’s almost gone now.  I saw lots of beautiful cherry blossom photos on Facebook and Instagram, they always make me want to go back to Japan.  I probably would have been too early even if I tried to time my visit to Japan to coincide with it, though.


My husband is away a lot this month – a few days last week, this week and next week.  He’ll be back tomorrow for the weekend but he’s been away since yesterday, hence no blogging of dinner.  I don’t eat proper dinners when he is away, so I probably won’t blog much of dinners next week either.


The friend I made recently, who lives in the same condominium, came to make some cards today for the first time.  It’ll be a birthday of one of her daughters next week so she made some birthday cards.  She made 3 cute cards in 2 and a half hours, which is pretty good.


I was worried a little that she may not be able to finish all of them but she took shorter time to complete them.  I think it’s because she didn’t take too long to choose all the paper, some people take much longer.















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