Dinner at Nanbantei


We had dinner at “Nanbantei” yesterday.  I was there recently but my husband hasn’t been for a few months.  We ordered too much last night, probably about 3 dishes too many.  There is no photo of it but we also ordered garlic rice, which my husband didn’t want but I did, so I had to ask him to help me with some of the dishes so I can have the rice.  Aubergine with shiso (steak leaves) and pork with shiso were quite oily, they filled me up quickly.  I particularly like their asparagus, okra & small tomato wrapped with pork belly and sweet corn.


We had 3 bottles of Sapporo Beer and the total bill was about S115, which is cheaper than lunch I often have.  Seems so inexpensive comparing to many other restaurants here.

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