Flower Lesson


This morning, I had a flower lesson again – the one I took the other day was a special event, today’s lesson was the regular monthly one.  I tend to like chic colour combinations so I would probably not choose such a vivid yellow flower myself, but it looks very fresh with green and white.  I didn’t know these white flowers, they are called Philadelphus satsumi, they look very cute.




Beautiful bouquet, but it would look more beautiful in a nicer vase.  Unfortunately I don’t have a chic vase but I did make an order the other day at the special event so hopefully I can use it next month.  I do love the combination of the bouquet and the black and white table cloth, though.





The other day when I had the pizza party, I made 1 small bouquet to decorate the table but I wanted it to be very small so it didn’t take up a lot of space.  This one is a bouquet I made from what was left over.  It’s hard to have a good idea of the size on a photo but this one is quite a lot bigger than the one I used at the pizza party.  I used 3 large peonies – all at full bloom).  Ornithogalum are opening more, too, so it’s getting to look quite full.





This is a bouquet a friend of mine was making.  It’s not even a half done but I love the colour combinations so I wanted to take a photo.  I also love using artichokes for bouquet and arrangements but it looked very hard to handle them because their stems are so thick.  I’m sure it looks beautiful when it’s done.



We usually have orchids all the time at home because other flowers don’t last long but today there are 3 bouquets of flowers plus some orchids so our dining/living area is full of flowers!  I don’t expect the peonies to last much longer, though.

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